F18 vs su 30 mki

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F18 vs su 30 mki

And that gave it furious immediacy. But this time, the IAF resisted an immediate rebuttal. This was, after all, the Defence Minister who had weighed in. But what truly unnerved the IAF — and several planners within the MoD — was that Parrikar had gone out on a limb less than two months after being handpicked as Defence Minister.

What I mean to say is: upgrade the Sukhoi, make it more capable. The example had been broached before, but Moscow really ground it in this time.

Vijay Kumar Singh as having said that the Su was cheaper than the Rafale and more reliable. He was quoted nowhere else. In February, with the Su vs. The requirements are slightly different. And they have their own capabilities. They compliment each other but do not replace each other. Parrikar ignored the comment. It was explained away as a technically accurate clarification by the Chief of Air Staff. Dassault Aviation and the French government were always prepared for rumblings of power-play and suggestive pressure from the Indian MoD, but the speed at which the conversation heated up caught all involved by surprise.

For Dassault, it would now be fighting on two fronts — one, with a confident new government that promised quick action either way. Told that it needed to work on a joint liability matrix with HAL for the license build programme, Dassault decided to put its head down and bide its time.

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Of course, by this time, plenty of journalism in India, Russia and France — and the furious online military aviation subculture — had gotten the Rafale and Su to dogfight on paper. Social media saw much of this shared enthusiastically by stakeholders on both sides. It was by no means a body blow to the Su MKI fleet — the Minister clarified that things were looking up — but it gave Dassault the break it needed after two seriously sleepless months. And the French government finally got some play in what was clearly an ambush the Russians were fully prepared to capitalise on.

And will. While most air forces are happy with just one or two types of jets the IAF needs light, medium and heavy types one each from western and eastern blocks and another of the mandatory indigenous type.

U are wrong rafale is multirole fighter means it can work as percision bomberair superiority fighter and awac hunter and France made only one plane due to economic issue or did India has same economic issue that y iaf is chasing rafale madly ur argument is wrong about light and heavy air superiority fighter what about fighter bomber, American has f18,a10,b2 ,a etc.Both planes are quite similar in terms of use, maybe small adventage for Rafale because of better AAM missiles, even SuMKI have better tehnology and characteristics….

Rafale has better thrust to weight ratio, and slightly better economical factor, but is also twice more expensive… Both planes are excellent, and in fight main factor will be experience of pilot or ground support.

Astra AAM missile is designed to be capable of engaging targets at varying range and altitudes allowing for engagement of both short-range targets up to 20 km and long-range targets up to 80 km using alternative propulsion modes. The maximum range of Astra missile is km it is not taken into calculation of data because it is still in test phase.

Eurofighter and Rafale are lot better than Russian and Indian Su IAF pilots are more trained, almost h under there belt. And we need a new platform …. Make su 30MKI a little bit smaller then is best in any way then Rafale. As rafale is smaller in size is used in mountain area like Kashmi.

Russian engines have problems more frequent overhauls required, more unexpected maintenances which reduces fleet utilization. So you would need more Sus than Rafales to have the same number of aircraft available at any point. There is not significant difference between these two fighters, however a good pilot can make significant difference and hence can save good money on these fighters. I think Sukhoi 30MKI is the best jet fighter and it suits with our requirement. We should develop indigenous technology with the help of private sector which would give us self confidence and retention of foreign currency, which would help us in long run.

We can also explore the export possibilities to earn foreign exchange. No doubt Sukhoi is a good one we have, but Rafale is an advance plane, it has a unique capability i. Why not buy half of the budget for SU and the other half for Rafale?

Sukhoi Su-30 MKI Vs F-22 Raptor:- Can 2 Su-30MKI defeat 1 F-22 in a dogfight battle?

Good luck to your decision. Sukhoi will get much higher performance engines and a Phazotron Zhuk Me AESA radar and with many other armament and avionics in next 3 years so just dont believe that Rafale is better than Sukhoi. Rafale cant even do a degree turn, in 3 secs it is not a good dogfighter as it dont have higher angle of attack.

Su is not fast and good, it is under Mach 2 airplane, armament and avionics of eastern production is not even close to western production.

f18 vs su 30 mki

Sukhoi is much better than Rafale. The speed of su 30mki is 2. And most important point is that now su 30mki has Brahmos missile.

And only india has this missile. Another fact that Su30 MKI is a 4. For the Vympell comes out better in all respects. Only thing is that its older technology.

f18 vs su 30 mki

The rating thing depends on who does the rating. Rafale does not have better stealth ability than Su I think that Su is lot better than French Rafale.

Second difference is its self defence system which is unique.A variant of the Sukhoi Suit is a heavy, all-weather, long-range fighter. Development of the variant started after India signed a deal with Russia in to manufacture Su fighter jets.

The aircraft is tailor-made for Indian specifications and integrates Indian systems and avionics as well as French and Israeli sub-systems. The first batch were eight SuMKs, the basic version of Su The second batch were to be 10 SuKs with French and Israeli avionics.

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The third batch were to be 10 SuMKIs featuring canard foreplanes. In Octobera memorandum of understanding MoU was signed for Indian licence-production of SuMKIs; in Decembera deal was sealed at Russia's Irkutsk aircraft plant for full technology transfer.

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The first Nasik-built SuMKIs were to be delivered bywith staggered production until — In Novemberthe delivery schedule was expedited with production to be completed by Inanother order of 40 SuMKIs was placed. Inthe planned fleet strength was to be aircraft. The SFC had previously submitted a proposal to the Indian Defence Ministry for setting up two dedicated squadrons of fighters consisting of 40 aircraft capable of delivering nuclear weapons.

Balakrishnan, general manager of the Aircraft Manufacturing Division stated that "HAL will achieve per cent indigenisation of the Sukhoi aircraft — from the production of raw materials to the final plane assembly". In JuneIndia has reportedly decided not order any further Sus as they feel its cost of maintenance is very high compared to Western aircraft. In MayIndia Today reported that Russia had won a contract to upgrade 40 SuMKIs with new radarsonboard computers, electronic warfare systems and the ability to carry the BrahMos cruise missile.

The first two prototypes with the "Super" upgrade will be delivered to the IAF inafter which the upgrades will be performed on the last batch of 40 production aircraft. The X band radar can track 30 aerial targets in the track-while-scan mode and engage six targets simultaneously in attack mode.

AESA technology offers improved performance and reliability compared with traditional mechanically scanned array radars. In Februaryit was reported that the planes would be upgraded with ALF turbofan engines, same as the ones on Sukhoi Su The SuMKI is a highly integrated twin-finned aircraft. The airframe is constructed of titanium and high-strength aluminium alloys. The engine intake ramps and nacelles are fitted with trouser fairings to provide a continuous streamlined profile between the nacelles and the tail beams.

The fins and horizontal tail consoles are attached to tail beams. The central beam section between the engine nacelles consists of the equipment compartment, fuel tank and the brake parachute container. The fuselage head is of semi- monocoque construction and includes the cockpitradar compartments and the avionics bay. SuMKI aerodynamic configuration is a longitudinal triplane with relaxed stability. The canard increases the aircraft lift ability and deflects automatically to allow high angle of attack AoA flights allowing it to perform Pugachev's Cobra.

The integral aerodynamic configuration combined with thrust vectoring results in extremely capable manoeuvrability, taking off and landing characteristics. This high agility allows rapid deployment of weapons in any direction as desired by the crew. The canard notably assists in controlling the aircraft at large angles-of-attack and bringing it to a level flight condition. The aircraft has a fly-by-wire FBW with quadruple redundancy.

Dependent on flight conditions, signals from the control stick position transmitter or the FCS may be coupled to remote control amplifiers and combined with feedback signals from acceleration sensors and rate gyros.

The resultant control signals are coupled to the high-speed electro-hydraulic actuators of the elevatorsrudders and the canard. The output signals are compared and, if the difference is significant, the faulty channel is disconnected. FBW is based on a stall warning and barrier mechanism which prevents stalls through dramatic increases of control stick pressure, allowing a pilot to effectively control the aircraft without exceeding the angle of attack and acceleration limitations.

Although the maximum angle of attack is limited by the canards, the FBW acts as an additional safety mechanism.It is currently the most advanced version of Su Flanker flying anywhere in the world. The SuMKI gives its operator, the Indian Air Force, a capability that will remain unmatched by all rivals for the foreseeable future.

It is described as an all-weather Multi Role Fighter MRF and one of the most successful modern aircraft designs as eventually over 4, were built and went into service into more than 26 countries worldwide.

Indian Sukhoi Su-30MKI And Russian Su-35 nearly on par: Indian Aviation Expert

The F and F designs were developed in the early and mids. In terms of maximum aerodynamic efficiency, the SuMKI, like all Sufamily aircraft, is unparalleled in the world and outperforms the above foreign counterparts by at least 50 to percent.

In terms of conventional manoeuvrability characteristics, all these fighters are very similar.

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Aircraft multiple capabilities put into the forefront the problem of effective weapon employment. In terms of target designation angles, maneuverability, etc. Fitted with 12 weapon stores, carrying a full complement of air-to-air missiles and featuring a multichannel target engagement capability, the SuMKI fighter can be effectively used to repulse a massive air raid. The SuMKI has a twofold advantage over the F aircraft in the number of simultaneously carried air-to-ground guided weapons, which are also more efficient.

High-power guided weapons carried by the SuMKI enable it to defeat deeply buried, hardened and superhardened priority targets. Another distinguishing feature of the SuMKI is its high versatility. It can be used as an air defense interceptor, a strike aircraft or a flying command post. It can be used as a leader aircraft of combined fighter groups including those of light fightersensuring their cooperation and concentration of efforts.

Besides the increase in scan range compared to the previous version, it has a Synthetic aperture radar SAR capability. The NM is a digital multi-mode dual frequency band radar. It is equipped with a modern digital weapons control system as well as anti-jamming features.

Comparison of top guns: US F-16 jets vs Sukhoi 30MKI

NM has a km search range and a maximum km tracking range, and 60 km in the rear hemisphere. The radar can track 15 air targets and engage 4 simultaneously. These targets can even include cruise missiles and motionless helicopters. The target co-ordinates can be transferred automatically to at least four other aircraft. Air Combat-related Avionics and Weapons. March 2, June 3, April 30, The history of germ warfare and how prepared India is.

Big disclosure: Has the Coronavirus killed about 1. Indian arms market heats up as a US-Russia battleground. Pakistan Airforce F by defenceupdate. Is India ready for Cyber War? This site uses cookies: Find out more. Okay, thanks.Return to General FA Raptor forum. Welcome, anonymous guest! Anything goes, as long as it is about the Lockheed Martin F Raptor.

Author Message. A lot of people here talk about the invincibility sp check of the SuMKI. What if we compare it with the Raptor.

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Some may argue that the Raptor is stealthy, so lets assume that its not stealthy. What will be the result then? I mean a neat fight. Lets say If it gets that close. It has a radar that is almost as powerfull as the ApG 77but it is J band and is no where near as sophisticated or clear, fast, versatile etc.

Despite the similarity in wattage the Mki has no where near the Raptors radar range or tricks, or discrimination. It has a larger RCS than the eagle even. Good Luck. It does have a kind of link 16 equivalent but against a raptor that means what?

Sorry, the best of the Su family so far is meat on the table for the Raptor. It will die without knowing where it's killer is. It's only capable of 8. It's more designed to fight eagle,Falcon, mirage class aircraft but would struggle against the most advanced of these at BVR.This is something no one can answer.

Both try not to show itself to be worthy in combat when using its full technology potentials and probably some manourves and tactics.

f18 vs su 30 mki

On paper, the F will rein supreme in certain areas like stealth but when it comes down to dog fighting, the SuMKI will have some edge in the agility at low to medium attitude and at below transonic speed. Some though the F super cruise will be the main cards but that is not the reality as super cruise will take time to spool up. Both will be equipped with HMS for off foresight shoot however the advantage goes to the SuMKI as its second man can be the eyes of the pilot. Where it all lies is tactics.

My assumption is both pilots are incredibly good. The US pilot would have studied and understood the best tactic to counter the Indian SuMKI while India will have some assumption on how to counter such tactic but based on assumption only. At BVR, the F will have the first shot. A bleep on the Sukhoi radar would give the F position away but it then disappears.

Software on board the missile allows it to detect if it is being jammed, and guide on its target using the proper guidance system to guarantee a proper kill. Depends what the Russians have given them. I am not surprise if there is some elements of the electronic warfare that can identify a stealth on radar, thus negating the special advantage afforded to the F fighter pilot! The exposure of weapons bay prior to firing can give a glimpse on the SuMKI radar.

It could also provide some probability of where the jet may head. Do we really know how effective is the IRST? But IRST detection range has increased and becomes more capable in the last 5 years. The supreme advancement of the F is a testament to American development towards maintaining air supremecy against all foes and it expect to do so in the next 20—30 more years. However technology has over shadowed stealth where AI electronics can counter radar detection. Russian and Chinese jets are working tirelessly to research, and developed and deploy technologies that can detect stealth jets such as the F and now the F at a long range under various frequencies.

Did Israel buy the idea of the stealth F It did but the capability could have been mixed, hence the reason to buy another batch of F Eagle. The F could have gone into action against Russian jets but when up against a much more agile Su, it could have dwindle to a stage of embarrassment to the US establishment if an F got shot down by the Super Flanker. The F super cruise capability is truly amazing.Defence News. Military Photos New media New comments. Defence Forums New posts.

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What's new New posts New media New media comments Latest activity. Log in Register. What's new. New posts. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter P. F Start date Apr 21, Status Not open for further replies. F New Member. I have read many articles and magazines regarding this issue.

The variant has significant upgrades on it from the basic Sukhoi Su MK version.

US F-22 Raptor vs Russian Su-35 Fighter Jet - Which Would Win? Military Unit Comparison

Israeli Aircraft Industries also played a key role in the development of the project. Unlike most similar fighters, it is also equipped to deliver nuclear weapons. The aircraft's radar can track and actively engage 20 enemy targets and engage the 8 most dangerous simultaneously. The radar at sea has a metre detection resolution of large targets at sea, up to distances of km.

Small sea target detected at sea at a distances of km. With the instalment of these new missiles, the MKI can be a serious contender to many modern fighter jets including the Typhoon and the Rafale. Currently India has never let any external air force practice or exercise with it's Su MKI variants. On the other hand the Sukhoi SuK variant is a dual-seater, limited multi-role capability fighter jet. There are several other key differences between the MKI and other variants of Su aircraft.

The Su MKI has a maximum range, with one in-flight refuelling, of km.


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