What is lte pci lock

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What is lte pci lock

Sometimes you need to lock on a specific cell tower due to bad cell conditions such as low data speed or because you need to test another nearby cell condition. I will teach you how to do that on Samsung Galaxy S6.

You need to run a secret code but Samsung has prevented you to run it from the phone Dialer, so you need to root your phone and manually execute the command.

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You can get it from Google Play Store. Follow the instructions: 1. Open Terminal Shortcut app. Run the shortcut and a window similar to the one below will open:. LTE Cell Locking 1.

Reboot your device. GSM Cell Locking 1. Reset Cell Locking 1. Categories: AndroidSmart Phones. Tags: galaxys6samsung. Do the job at your own risk.

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Recent Posts. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.A reader of this blog contacted me and wanted me to take a look at his Huawei E During the meeting he showed the Field Test mode of his iPhone.

I haven't done any iPhone hacks, and had never heard of such thing. In this mode you can see details of the cellular connection. It is completely limited to that, there is no "root"-mode, nor details about Wi-Fi connectionnor details of the phone itself.

Every iPhone has this. My iPhone 6 has this, so I'm pretty sure your whatever model has it too. How to get there? Like this:. It is because this is the really old stuff back from the 90s. LTE menu is light, as it is the s spec. Please remember, that it is a snapshot of the situation when menu was opened. Also notice how there is no more bars on top of the screen, there is a number in dBm. As I didn't find much information about the actual contents of these menus, I'll try to gather here a comprehensive list.

Not all of the items have a value in my phone, if there is a value recorded, but I don't know what it is for, there is a?. The frequency band you're at. Short list:. Please help me complete this at least all the good stuff. If you find something incorrect or missing, please drop me a comment. Archives April March February Recent RSS feeds of this Blog comment feed. Blog Administration Open login screen. RSSI translation: dBm - theorethical max.

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Guide to Lock LTE Band in Qualcomm Snapdragon Android Phones

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Download Infographic. Featured Blog Post. Read More. Featured Webinar. Featured Case Study. Featured Video.A measure of the power which leaks into certain specific nearby Radio Frequency RF channels as a result of transmitting in a given channel. It provides an estimate of how much a neighbouring radio receiver will be affected by the Out Of Band OOB emissions from a transmitter.

It is defined as the ratio of the filtered mean power in a set bandwidth within the wanted channel to the filtered mean power in an adjacent channel. Used in the context of repeaters. It is the ratio of the Root Raised Cosine RRC weighted gain per carrier of the repeater in the pass band to the RRC weighted gain of the repeater on an adjacent channel.

ACS is predominantly defined by the ratio of the receive filter attenuation on the assigned channel frequency to the receive filter attenuation on the adjacent channel. A processor which samples and quantizes an analogue input signal to convert it to a digital output signal.

Error recovery procedures are not provided, and in-sequence delivery is not guaranteed.

what is lte pci lock

It is a means of providing high-speed data transmission over conventional twisted-pair copper telephone lines, by frequency-division multiplexing with analogue voice traffic. Higher download speeds are provided than upload speeds. AF: Application Function. An element offering applications that require the control of Internet Protocol IP bearer resources, such as dynamic policy or charging control. The process by which the Authentication Centre AuC and UE exchange information by which they can each verify a secret key held by the other, and then calculate keys to be used for ciphering and integrity protection of data transmitted between the UE and the network.

AM: Acknowledged Mode. The upper limit on the aggregate bit rate that can be expected to be provided across all non-Guaranteed Bit Rate GBR bearers.

Excess traffic may, for example, be discarded by a rate-shaping function. A form of link adaptation which adjusts the transmitted information data rate by varying the modulation order and the Forward Error Correction FEC code rate. This is typically done to match an estimate of the instantaneous radio channel capacity.

A model of the mains electricity supply to which equipment is connected, used for ElectroMagnetic Compatibility EMC emissions testing. An additional value of maximum allowed uplink power reduction used to meet additional adjacent carrier leakage ratio and spectrum emission requirements which are signalled by the network in a specific deployment scenario.

A type of source coding, often used for digital speech transmission, whereby the bit rate of the generated data stream is adapted by varying the encoded quality of the signal.

The different output data rates are provided by switching between different source codecs. A function by which eNodeBs can automati- cally determine which cells are their neighbours. AoA: Angle-of-Arrival. The angle usually azimuth from which a signal arrives relative to a reference angle of an antenna array. AoD: Angle-of-Departure.

The angle usually azimuth at which a signal is transmitted relative to a reference angle of an antenna array. AP: Application Protocol. See www. A scheme whereby the receiving terminal requests retransmission of packets which are detected to be erroneous. AS: Access Stratum.

AS: Angular Spread.

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A measure of the width of a transmitted or received signal beam or set of signal paths, usually in the azimuth plane. Specifies additional spectral emission constraints for particular deployment scenarios.

A standardized notation used to describe structures for representing, encoding, transmitting, and decoding data; it is used for some UMTS and LTE protocol specifications e. ATT: Attenuator. Used in conformance testing, to set the desired power of received signals or interference, for example modelling propagation loss.PCI planning is one of the most important things to understand while planning an LTE network and it is usually left untouched in most of the LTE manuals and text-books.

This is much similar to what is depicted in the Figure 9 above. But there are another 2 RS for the second antenna port on the same symbol. These 2 RS are zero-powered also known as DTX — discontinuous transmission on the first antenna port. This is known as the PCI mod3 issue. However, if the system is only a single port system like most of the IBS systems, then the PCI mod3 will not impact because there will be no reference signals on the second port.

Instead, the rule will change to PCI mod6. An important point to remember is that most of the FDD LTE networks are not time synchronized between sites so the symbols do not usually overlap in time. Just like in downlink, every 3rd or 6th PCI collides on the reference signals, every 30th PCI has the same pattern of uplink reference signals.

In uplink, the reference signals are present in the central symbol of the slot and their pattern or base sequence repeats for every 30th PCI. In case, two adjacent cells have same PCI mod30, then the cell can have difficulty in decoding which can result in higher block error rate in uplink.

However, this is not a critical issue and very rarely observed in the commercial networks. There is another known rule that is not really considered as it has no evident impact but I thought it is worth mentioning.

Each SSS is made up of two length binary m-sequences m0 and m1 but since SSS are in count so these length sequences are bound to repeat. So, each time m0 or m1 repeat itself, the overall correlation between those 2 SSS values is much higher — in other words such SSS can interfere with each other. So, such an issue, if observed might delay network entry by 5 to 10 ms which does not have any considerable impact. If you have any questions or feedback regarding PCI Planning, simply drop comments below or get in touch with Ali.

Interested in knowing more about Ali. You can connect with him on LinkedIn and find more articles like this on his blog. Rule 1 Usage of same pci. Since we have PCIs so this rule is usually not difficult to follow.

Rule 5 SSS Correlation issue. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again. Email Address. Popular posts.Support for Direct-IP mode type cards only.

Note that using PPP emulation mode you may not get the same throughput speeds as using the LTE interface emulation type. Warning: This guide is for RouterOS versions starting from 6. Start with network settings - Add new connection parameters under LTE apn profile provided by network provider :. After interface is added, you can use "info" command to see what parameters client acquired parameters returned depends on LTE hardware device :.

Starting from RouterOS v6. In this configuration the router will not get IP configuration from the modem. Passthrough will only work for one host. Router will automatically detect MAC address of the first received packet and use it for the Passthrough. If there are multiple hosts on the network it is possible to lock the Passthrough to a specific MAC.

Note, that it will not be possible to connect to the LTE router via public lte ip address or from the host which is used by the passthrough. It is suggested to create additional connection from the LTE router to the host for configuration purposes.

For example vlan interface between the LTE router and host. Warning: Passthrough is not supported by all chipsets. MBIM emulation does not support passthrough. Values can be used to find location in databases: Cell Id Finder. LTE info command provides currently used cellular tower information:. Exact tower location as well as available bands and other information can be acquired from mobile carrier or by using online services:.

By using those acquired variables it's possible to send AT command to modem for locking to tower in current format:. For R11e-LTE all set on locks are lost after reboot or modem reset. Cell data can be also gathered from "cell-monitor". For R11e-LTE6 cell lock works only for the primary band, this can be useful if you have multiple channels on the same band and you want to lock it to a specific earfcn.

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Note, that cell lock is not band-specific and for ca-band it can also use other frequency bands, unless you use band lock.

Use cell lock to set the primary band to the earfcn and use the second channel for the ca-band:. For R11e-LTE6 modem cell lock information will not be lost after reboot or modem reset. To remove cell lock use at-chat command:.In any location where individuals can make a clear and reliable cell phone call, 4G LTE can be deployed.

With business data plans, enterprises are benefiting from the ability to pool and share data across all 4G LTE connections. Additionally, carriers are beginning to trial flat-rate business data plans that work like a cable subscription; the enterprise selects its bandwidth and receives a flat rate every month.

Some enterprises are choosing an SD-WAN solution that makes traffic steering decisions between wired and wireless links based on data plan consumption. Cellular providers are constantly upgrading and "densifying" their networks to deliver more speed and reliability. Compared to wired connectivity, many enterprises report better reliability and performance with 4G LTE. Unlike wired lines, 4G LTE it is unaffected by backhoes and resilient in poor weather conditions.

what is lte pci lock

However, real-world speed always vary by location and use case—similar to wired connections. Variables that affect cellular throughput include placement of router, local congestion and time of day, carrier, tower placement and technology, and proximity to devices that emit electromagnetic radiation such as air conditioners, microwaves, etc.

Cloud-delivered client and traffic analytics give organizations real-time visibility into cellular data usage throughout their widely distributed networks. With a cloud management platform such as Cradlepoint NetCloud Managerall of this data is available remotely through a single-pane-of-glass platform.

There are several cellular carriers, each of which offers a wide variety of data plans for different types of needs. Cloud management platforms enable IT teams to monitor and manage data usage, and to remotely switch to secondary SIM cards. Benefits of NetCloud Manager include zero-touch deployment, simplified management and orchestration, and instant analytics and insights. Cradlepoint Stream Protocol is what allows organizations to remotely manage their networks from a single, central location in real time without using very much data.

Most legacy management platforms manage wired routers by using SNMP, which can consume at least MB of data per month. When leveraged over an entire network, Stream Protocol saves organizations significant time, data, and money.

Read more in our Stream Protocol blog post. Many enterprises are using SD-WAN technologies and strategies at small to mid-sized branch sites that require cost-effective, Day-1 connectivity at scale and without on-site IT support.

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A cloud-managed all-in-one branch or mobile router can help ensure constant network uptime and reliability, especially of the most mission-critical applications. With pooled and even unlimited data plans, distributed organizations that use cloud management platforms can minimize overage charges by leveraging remote visibility and control of their LTE connections. The organization can set and manipulate automated business policies and data thresholds and limits.

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PCI Compliance requires multifaceted vigilance, but cellular carriers do have a role in PCI-complaint networking that protects credit-card data. An APN uses a private address space to isolate traffic across the network and provides an authentication layer to prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, an APN can provide IP-layer encryption and can be securely connected to a data center via a dedicated gateway.

How To Change Network Bands on Any Samsung Phone Without Root

Additionally, enterprises that deploy 4G LTE through cloud-managed, all-in-one routers with built-in firewalls make it easier to monitor and manage data security. PCI DSS Standards call for frequent review of public IP addresses on the network, which is much less complex and less prone to error when leveraging a cloud management platform.

Cloud-managed 4G LTE network solutions can greatly reduce total cost of ownership, especially regarding ISP costs and network management.

( A guest post by Ali Khalid)

Wired connectivity vendors are regional, making it necessary for organizations that have many widely dispersed locations and devices to manage dozens or even hundreds of ISP vendors.

Organizations that switch to wireless connectivity instantly reduce their number of vendors, because major cellular carriers span the entire U.

Toggle navigation. Pathway to 5G. Looking for answers about 4G LTE technology? Explore our FAQs page. What is 4G LTE? Where is 4G LTE for business available?

what is lte pci lock

Can 4G LTE be cost-effective for businesses? How does 4G LTE throughput compare to a wired connection?

what is lte pci lock

How can organizations easily track data usage at distributed locations?


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